Gust Buster Testimonials
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  Mark Santoleri, RV9A,  09-12-2012
I bought one at OSH . . . installed it a few weeks ago. Overall I like the design very much. After initial install, normal operation takes a couple minutes to fit. I like the fact that there is a bit of pre-loading on the surfaces, but not rock solid . . . plenty enough to keep your control surfaces from banging. Thumbs up for this one.
  Bill Cloughley, RV-7,  11-08-2012
Overall I'm really happy with the Gust Buster. I was looking for a good control securing solution and I think I found it with the Gust Buster. The shock-absorbance idea makes sense to me. I have no doubt it will work great in high winds.
  Mark Santoleri, RV-9A,  11-30-2012
 Thanks for investing time in this great product!
  Jon Hartman, RV-7A,  01-06-2013
I really like your product. I recently purchased a flying 7A and, unfortunately, have to tie down until hangar space becomes available. As my luck would have it, the VERY FIRST day after I picked up the plane, winds were gusting 30-35 knots - a quartering tail wind to boot. I was sick thinking about the hammering my new-to-me RV was taking, but the Gustbuster made it a non-event. Your Gustbuster is a great product, works as advertised, and is easy in/out. After that first day, I'd pay twice as much for the peace of mind alone.

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