About Us
Our company was born out of the need for a better gust protection device for our RV-7. Nothing I saw or used was really adequate. If you're like me you like to get in your RV do some traveling which often leads to tying your hard earned wings down on a far away ramp exposed to possible gust fronts, micro bursts and just plain old high energy straight line winds. A few years back a friend and I started working on a solution to this nagging problem. The result of much trial, error and modification has produced the Aero Gust Buster. We believe it is the absolute best and safest way to protect your airplane from high energy wind events.
The Gust Buster is now available for the RV 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 9 and 9A and will later be available for other models.
2621 Milo Terrace
Waverly, KS 66871
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